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High Barriers

Preserves the characteristics of the product, keeping foods always

crisp and tasty.

High-barrier packages with or without the use of aluminum, which extend the food’s

expiration date and offer a great customer experience.


  • FOOD;

  • Excellent sealing;
  • High preservation of product characteristics;
  • Provides extended expiration date of the product;
  • Excellent barrier against fat, gases and aromas;
  • Also available with easy opening, directional tear and perforation resistance;
  • Customized sizes and shapes;
  • High quality and sharp printing;
  • Formulations for quick packaging machines;
  • Benefits for the manufacturing customer;
  • Better protection to the packaged product;
  • Excellent sealing;
  • Formulations for fast packaging machines and high Hot Tack;
  • Excellent barrier to fat, gases and aromas.

  • Melhor proteção ao produto embalado;
  • Excelente vedaçãoselagem;
  • Formulações para máquinas de empacotamento rápido e, alto Hot Tack;
  • Excelente barreira a gordura, gases e aromas.

  • Guarantee of consuming a fresh and tasty product;
  • More convenience in opening the package due to the option of easy opening and directional tear option;
  • Longer product shelf life.

  • Can be made of mono-materials and biodegradable materials that facilitate recycling.

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