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Compliance is being in accordance, complying with a set of laws, internal and external rules and regulations, Valgroup's policies and guidelines and above all, acting in an ethical manner.

The Valgroup Compliance Program aims to ensure the integrity, transparency, risk mitigation and credibility of the brand, in accordance with best global practices and in compliance with the law, contributing to the sustainability of the business.

The Compliance Program is composed of three pillars: Prevention, Detection and Correction of risks and misconduct.


01Governance of Conformity
02Internal Policies and Standards
03Risk Assessment and Controls
04Communication and Training
05Third Party Conformity (Due Diligence)
06Engagement in Collective Actions


07Ethics Channel
08Monitoring Risks and Controls


09Mitigate risk and strengthen control
10Disciplinary Measures

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Valgroup assumes in its Code of Ethics and Conduct the commitment to act in an ethical, honest and transparent manner. Valgroup's Code of Ethics and Conduct defines the ethical principles that guide its commitment to good conduct, both institutional and of its employees, exploring the ethical sense of our purpose, our vision and our values.

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Ethics Channel

The Ethics Channel is a confidential, external, independent and specialized channel for receiving feedback from members, suppliers, third parties, customers and other public that have a relationship with Valgroup. The information received by this channel contributes to the maintenance of an ethical, honest and transparent environment.

• Assistance by specialized professionals.
• Follow up of the status of the report via protocol number.
• 24/7 service
• Anonymous reporting options, ensuring the confidentiality of information.
• Guarantee of non-retaliation to the good faith whistleblower.

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