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We are one of the largest plastic producers, transformers, and recyclers in the world, and the largest in Latin America. We invest in sustainable innovation and offer various innovative plastic packaging solutions, as well as to compounds, recycled resins, masterbatches and machines, produced with the best raw materials and equipment on the market.

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+ 6.5 thousand employees

40 plants in 6 countries

+300 million PET bottles recycled per month


Development and investments guided by sustainable purpose

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Partnership between casa dos ventos and valgroup guarantees renewable energy for the packaging production and recycling
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HP300 PowerWrap: Valgroup will launch its new Automatic Machine at Fispal 2023
Innovation, Technology and Efficiency: Wrapping Machines Valgroup
Qual a máquina envolvedora ideal para o seu processo? – Parte 2
Qual a máquina envolvedora ideal para o seu processo?
Valgroup develops Shrink PCR for the new Devassa beer packaging
Valgroup develops recyclable packaging with integrity and high moisture barrier for Nestlé's compostable capsules in Brazil.
Valgroup develops bottles with recycled resin for Kraft Heinz Brazil
Valgroup develops recyclable and biodegradable bags for AmBev’s startup, Delivery Zé.
BIO-V: technology that accelerates the biodegradability of plastics.
Recycling: types of processes and applications
PET and its advantages
Lightweight, recyclable and sustainable: meet Shrink Life Cycle Analysis
SEMEAR Project: Valgroup supports quality education for vulnerable children and young people
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Production of post-consumer recycled plastic reaches more than 1 million tons
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Earth Overload Day
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