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Cookies Policy

Updated on March 4, 2022

Our website uses cookies to improve the development and to enhance your browsing experience. Some areas of our website also use cookies to learn more about you, so we can offer our end-users a customized experience. If you continue using this website, you are agreeing to let us store cookies on your equipment, including your mobile device.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing some information about your access that are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. These files permit the site to recognize your equipment and record your interaction with the pages of the same website. The ‘cookie’ term can be used to describe a series of technologies, including but not limiting, to pixel tags, web beacons and identifiers of mobile devices.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies perform many different tasks as to optimize your browsing in our pages, remembering your preferences and personalize your experience during your visit. They guarantee that advertisements and other contents that you access online are relevant for you. Besides that, they are used to collect statistical data.

How are Cookies used by Valgroup?

Valgroup uses the following Cookies:

Essential Cookies – The essential cookies are necessary for the functioning of the site and services provided to you. Without cookies, the site will not work correctly, and we may not be able to provide some services or related resources.

Analytics/Statistics Cookies – The analytics cookies collect information about the use of the sites, letting us improve its functioning. The analytics cookies, for example, show the most visited pages in the site, They help us to check any troubleshooting that the users may have experienced during their visits in our site, and also shows us if our advertisements are efficient or not.

Within these two categories, the cookies can be classified as ‘session’ cookies or ‘persistent’ cookies.

“Session” cookies are temporary, and once you close the window of the browser, they will be excluded from your device.

“Persistent” cookies stay in your device until the date of expiration and are used by the website to recognize your device when you visit us back.

Do you use cookies from third parties?

Some cookies we use are from other companies as Google Analytics, to provide us analytics intelligence about our websites. These companies use computer codes to collect information about the interaction in our sites, such as the pages visited, links accessed, and the time you remain connected in our sites. This code is active only when you are in Valgroup website.

What other tracking technologies do we use?

We can also use web beacons (including conversion pixels) or other technologies for similar purposes, and we can include them in our sites, via messages of marketing e-mails or in our regular newsletters and affiliated websites to determine if the messages were open and if the links were clicked. The web beacons do no install information in your device, but they can work together with the cookies to control the activity of the site. Conversion pixels are little codes located in a particular web page that are modified when some person visits the page, resulting in an increase of conversion counting.

If I do not want the cookies?

When using our site, you agree with the storing of cookies in your device, as explained below. In your first access, you will see a ‘bar of cookies’ where you can authorize which kind of cookies can be stored, except those considered essentials to browse the site. In case you want to remove the existent cookies in your device, you will be able to do it using your browse. If you want to block future cookies in your device, you can modify the configuration of your browse.

Please take into consideration that the exclusion or blocking cookies will impact your user experience, because part of the site may not work correctly. Unless you have set the configuration of your browser to block the cookies, our system generates cookies when you visit our site or click on the link of the provided e-mail, even though you have excluded our cookies.

If you have any questions about the use of our Cookies Policy, please contact us via:

Cookies we use in our website

Essential Cookies (Necessary)
Name Provider Function Term Type
Language Save the user’s language preference on the website. 1 year HTTP


Analytics Cookies
Name Provider Function Term Type
_ga Records an exclusive ID for statistics purpose, showing the way people use the website. 2 years HTTP
_gat Used by Google Analytics to control the requesting rate. 1 day HTTP
_gid Records an exclusive ID for statistics purpose, showing the way people use the website. 1 day HTTP


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