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Future Wrap

New agricultural wrap film, with advanced technology, high performance and resistance.


  • Provides 9 layers for haymaking;
  • High UV resistance;
  • High temperature resistance.

Technical Specifications

Thickness: 750 x 0,025mm

Length: 1525 m

Height of coil with straw: 765mm

Outer diameter of coil: 240mm

Color: White


Thickness: 500 x 0,025mm

Length: 1800 m

Height of coil with straw: 515 mm

Outer diameter of coil: 257 mm

Color: White

  • Perfect traction and compression resistance;
  • Film suitable for any type of machine on the market.

  • Maintains the nutritional properties of the hay;
  • Protects nutritional properties of forage for up to 12 months.

100% recyclable.

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