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BOPP Pearl Film

Cavitated pearly bioriented polypropylene (BOPP) film is heat sealable on both sides and surface treated. The BOPP film features high gloss and structure suitable for laminating and printed packaging. The opacity reduces exposure to light, which provides better storage and conservation of the product.



  • Heat sealable from 105°C (221°F);
  • Surface treatment according to application needs;
  • Antistatic properties;
  • Low coefficient of friction (COF);
  • Special visual properties;
  • Moisture barrier;

Quality performance in both horizontal and vertical filling machines. Machinability controlled by the high level of COF and antistatic properties of the film.


Ideal for printing, lamination, or mono structures of packages such as ice cream, sweets, roll-label labels, and others. This film can also be applied to labels for soft drinks, mineral water, juices, edible oils, gift packaging, and solid or powdered food product packaging.


Collection also developed for structure with accelerated biodegradability. BOPP film is recyclable and non-toxic.


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