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Film used for lids and bottoms of thermoformed packages, co-extruded in 7 or 9 layers. The film is supplied in coils, and composed with polyethylene and EVOH. This guarantees a high barrier to oxygen, adding value and durability to the product. The thermoformed packaging has excellent transparency, which enhances the presentation of the product on the shelves. Developed especially for the fresh meat, ready-to-eat meat, and meat products market.


  • Film that allows you to cover and wrap a wide range of products;
  • It promotes the extension of product validity due to the barrier, with high sealing, ensuring speed in the filling process;
  • Ease in the customer’s production process, which does not need large spaces for storage of empty packaging.

  • Easy viewing of the packaged product due to the transparency of the film;
  • The barrier provides a shelf-life guarantee of the packaged product;
  • The process guarantees food safety and complies with health standards, as filling and sealing are carried out immediately after thermoforming, preventing contamination.

When the amounts of nylon and EVOH are lower, the film can be considered monomaterial, facilitating recycling, and contributing to the circular economy of plastic.


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