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Stand-Up Pouch

More shelf prominence and consumer convenience

Shelf-stable packaging that makes it possible to package liquid products allowing the use of dosing spouts or refill systems.



  • FOOD

  • More prominence and stability on the shelf, since its main characteristic is that it is always upright.
  • the fact that it is always upright.
  • Possibility of hermetic closure.
  • Versatile packaging for easy storage.
  • Also available with easy opening, directional cut, zipper, dosing spouts, or refill systems.
  • Offers excellent product protection.
  • Option of using barrier materials, extending product expiration date.
  • Customized sizes and shapes.
  • High quality and sharp printing.

  • More prominence and stability on the shelf
  • Excellent cost-benefit.
  • Versatile packaging that is easy to store.
  • Offers excellent protection to the product, preserving its characteristics.

  • More convenience in opening the package and easy consumption due to closure options.
  • Extended product expiration date when barrier materials are used.

Can be made of mono-materials and biodegradable materials facilitating recycling.

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