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5 Welding

Structured packaging with more stability on the shelf, it uses barrier materials in its composition, increasing shelf life and product protection.

Improve your brand exposure with the 5 welds pack.

  • Structured packaging, with more shelf stability;
  • Larger brand exposure area;
  • 100% hermetic;
  • Custom sizes and formats;
  • Packs much more product with less material;
  • High quality and sharp printing;
  • Option to use barrier materials, extending the shelf life of the product;
  • Option to use directed cutting or closing with a zipper, offering more convenience to the consumer.

  • Packaging with a larger area for product information and art;
  • Better presentation and stability on the supermarket shelf;
  • Can be used for refill.

  • Full use of the content, without residue;
  • Extension of product validity;
  • More convenience in opening the package due to the option of directed cutting and the possibility of closing with a zipper.

  • It can be made in monomaterials and biodegradable materials that facilitate recycling;
  • It packs much more product with less material.

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