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PET Preforms

Variety of preforms for the food market.


In addition to containers, Valgroup markets preforms for industrial application, designed with the ability to assume several formats


Finish Preform PCO 1810 (28mm)
Finish preform PCO 1881 (28mm)
Finish Preform PCF 26/22 (26mm)
Preform Finish 38mm
Preform Finish 48mm
Preform Finish 72mm
Preform Finish European (2921)
Preform Finish Mirvi (2621)


For information on weight, please contact us.

Through the Bottle-to-Bottle process, it is possible to use Post-consumer Recycled PET (PCR) resin for the preform production and, consequently, for the bottles.

Valgroup pioneered the approval of PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) resin for food contact by ANVISA, and internationally, it is approved by the FDA (USA) and Fraunhofer Institute (Germany).