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Resealable packaging system uses polyethylene sealant supplied in reels. It provides a laminated film with a high or medium barrier to oxygen. It has an easy-open property with resealability of up to 10 times after the first opening. Developed for the cold cuts market.


  • Elegantly designed packaging, allowing high quality printing;
  • Since there is no tear, the packaging remains intact. This helps to strengthen the overall packaging of the product, as well as the customer’s brand.

  • Practical packaging, ideal for quick consumption;
  • Easy opening, closing, and transport;
  • Longer product life;
  • Quality resealable packaging closure that ensures food safety.

When compared to other resealable packaging technologies, such as zippers and rigid plastic lids, resealable with polyethylene sealant uses fewer raw materials, contributing to sustainability and offering a lighter product.

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