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Vacuum Bags

A vacuum bag is a 7- or 9- layer co-extruded pouch, medium and high barrier, and non-shrinkable. In addition to the oxygen barrier, it offers a barrier to moisture, oils, and grease. Its structure has excellent gloss and sealing performance, as well as excellent mechanical properties, such as high resistance to traction and perforation. Developed for the red meat, poultry and cheese market.



  • Guarantee of longer product shelf-life due to the barrier properties of the materials used;
  • High mechanical resistance, which maintains the integrity of the film;
  • Ease in the filling process for the manufacturer customer.

  • High brightness and transparency, allowing the consumer to have a better visibility of the quality of the product on the shelf;
  • A barrier that extends the product shelf life;
  • A barrier that is able to maintain the aroma and texture of the food, preserving the freshness of the products.

When lower amounts of nylon and EVOH are applied, the film can be considered monomaterial, facilitating recycling and contributing to the circular economy of plastic.

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