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Stretch Hood

New generation of automatic packaging that reduces energy use in the palletizing process.

It was developed for different sized products in the most demanding fields. Stretch hood provides guaranteed total protection of the products.

  • Developed to meet different size needs
  • Guarantees total protection of the products according to the customer’s needs
  • Composed of innovative raw materials
  • Has excellent elastic memory and mechanical resistance, allowing it to be molded to the product

  • Better speed and performance during the application. It does not need heating;
  • Better load stability;
  • No adherence between the film and the product;
  • High yield;
  • Ensures product integrity;
  • Protection from bad weather conditions;
  • Better visual aspect;
  • Option to store the product outdoors (contains anti-UV protection).

  • Less residues to be discarded
  • Can verify the integrity of the product due to the transparency of the package.

We also have it in our Bio-V and V-Green product line.

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