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Printed Baler

The printed baler is a technical film, suitable for bale packaging. It maintains the organization and standardization of packages. It has high mechanical strength, sliding control on the belt, and quality weldability. Plain balers are offered for two different uses.

  • Baler for food, may contain non-slip for better grip in palletizing;
  • Tissue baler, containing different perforation formats for air outlet and easy cutting.

Controlled COF, which facilitates machine sliding and maintains static load during transport and storage. This also helps prevent accidents and violations. The printing allows for effective communication of the customer’s brand, easy storage, and traceability through barcodes.

The plain bale offers ease of purchase, ease of storage, and a quality visualization of the product on the shelf.

  • The film is produced from 100% recyclable material;
  • Valgroup also offers the possibility of using post-consumer and post-industrial resin in the packaging production;
  • Additionally, we offer the possibility of using the BIO-V additive in the film composition, which guarantees accelerated biodegradability without the formation of microplastics;

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