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FFS – Form Fill Seal

Developed for automatic packaging, Form Fill Seal is widely used by petrochemical industries. The design of the film features micro-holes for air exit from the package. It also contains protrusions on the surface, which help stack the bags and facilitate easier transport and storage.

FFS is produced on 3 and 5 layer machines. It can be pigmented or transparent, and allows double-sided printing in up to 6 colors.

FFS has excellent mechanical properties, such as tear resistance, puncture resistance, and dart drop impact resistance. This ensures the integrity of the packaged product during transport and storage. The printing and the variety of colors offer a product with an attractive final presentation.

The film provides protection for bottled products and ensures the product’s shelf life.

When properly disposed of, the film enables the packaging to be transformed into post-consumer resin, thus contributing to the circular economy of plastic.

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