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Standard Packaging

Standard packaging for various needs. Plastic packaging is versatile, light and practical.

In addition to customized packaging, we have standard packaging that can be marketed, patent-free.

There are 2 packages aimed at products for industrial applications:

  • 20L PET Canister
  • 20L HDPE Canister

For information on weight, please contact us.

  • Patent free;
  • Several options that serve a wide range of products;
  • Sustainable appeal: Possibility of using post-consumer recycled PET resin (PCR) in the bottle composition with.

  • Through the Bottle-to-Bottle process, it is possible to use PCR PET resin in standard food storage packaging;
  • Valgroup pioneered the approval of PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) resin for food contact by ANVISA and, internationally, it is approved by the FDA (USA) and Fraunhofer Institute (Germany).