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Calcium Carbonate Compound

Optimizes processing and increases productivity while reducing costs.

We offer strong and reliable solutions for the manufacturing industry and use the latest technology in plastics transformation.

Calcium Carbonate Compound is an important raw material in the plastic packaging processing market due to its high capacity to reduce costs.

Our controlled processes allow us to explore the products application at high concentrations, maintaining the final properties of the packaging.

We work with worldwide renowned raw materials and convey the carbonate compound in PE, PP and PS, adapting the product to the final application.


  • High quality compound;
  • Reduces costs;
  • Our processes allow us to explore the application of the product in high concentrations;
  • We adapt the product to its final application.

We offer personalized service and technical assistance.

Over the past years, Calcium Carbonate Compounds, applied in high concentrations in thermoplastic processing, have been a natural substitute for polymers in the plastics transformation industry.

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