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Transparent Film

Our transparent bioriented polypropylene (BOPP) film has excellent gloss and transparency properties. It also has high slip properties as well as a resistance to humidity and water vapor. This allows the packaged product to maintain its organoleptic properties.

  • Heat sealable from 105°C (221°F);
  • Surface treatment according to application needs;
  • Antistatic properties;
  • Low coefficient of friction (COF);
  • Stable slip at high temperatures;
  • Excellent visual properties;
  • Heat shrinkable;
  • Moisture barrier.

Quality performance in both horizontal and vertical filling machines.

BOPP allows for the possibility of carrying out a printing and laminating process for general food packaging, such as snacks, cookies, pasta, cereal bars, or ice cream. It also serves the markets for tags, labels, overpacks and personal hygiene.

  • Collection also developed for structure with accelerated biodegradability.
  • BOPP film is recyclable and non-toxic.

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