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Conventional Blow Molding

Several shaping possibilities from market preforms.

The conventional blow molding process uses preforms available on the market to manufacture packaging. Starting from defined weights and shapes, the process allows a wide range of shapes (package design).

Custom shapes from 250ml to 20L.

For information on weight, please contact us.

  • Various shape possibilities;
  • High production speed, higher productivity;
  • Possibility of using Post-consumer Recycled PET resin (PCR) in the composition of the bottle with sustainable appeal.

Through the Bottle-to-Bottle process, it is possible to use PCR PET resin for beverage packaging in the conventional blowing process as well.

Valgroup was a pioneer in the approval of PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) resin for contact with food and beverages by ANVISA and, internationally, it is approved by the FDA (USA) and Fraunhofer Institute (Germany).

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