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MDO is a film made from resins that is built using innovative processes for lamination and printing. MDO is a sustainable product, as it focuses on thickness reduction at the forefront.

It is possible to reduce the film thickness by up to 40% and also improve its packaging properties, such as tear strength, perforation, gloss and transparency.

  • Roughly 40% thickness reduction;
  • Perforation, shine, resistance to breakage, and transparency.

The MOD technology provides a film with reduced thickness and, consequently, cost reduction. It also offers improvements in optical properties, such as greater brightness and transparency. Finally, MOD has higher mechanical properties, bringing greater resistance to rupture and perforation.

The film provides a different experience to the consumer, allowing better visualization of the product on the shelf. It also aids in reduced plastic consumption.

Possibility of making monomaterial packaging, combining innovation and sustainability. Substitution of higher cost and less sustainable materials, promoting the product’s recyclability chain, generating employment and income in the cooperatives.

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