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Custom Printed T-shirt Bags

Tending to the biggest national market players, these customized bags have the option of printing in models that personalize the business of your client, ensuring in our process a great fidelity for the reproduction of your brand.


T-shirt bags printed for supermarkets, hypermarkets, cash & carry, grocery stores, retail electronics, among other establishments.

Colors and sizes according to the client’s needs.


Our T-shirt bags supply the best and largest retailers in Brazil. Our process guarantees a quality product, safe and reliable.

Production process nationally recognized for its quality and reliability. Customized prints bring brands and consumers closer together, generating distinctive and positive experiences in the buying process.


Can be produced with:

  • Bio-V – Accelerated biodegradability in 05 years, without micro-particles;
  • V-Green – Made from sugar cane – 51% renewable source in its composition;
  • 100% safe for recycling.

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