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Nature Bag Baglixo


The most ecological product on the market , with exclusive accelerated biodegradability technology.

The BagLixo Nature Bag line is composed of green garbage bags and are produced with the highest sustainability technology in the market.

Nature Bag is ecological from beginning to end. See how:

  • Contains 51% renewable source material from sugar cane – V-Green, which generates carbon credits in its production.
  • 30% recycled material in its formulation – Re-V Cycle, producing a truly circular economy, where plastics become packaging again, protecting the environment and generating jobs;
  • Exclusive Accelerated Biodegradability with Bio-V, where the plastic bags decompose in 05 years in anaerobic environments without leaving microparticles, only residues that are harmless to the environment.
  • High-tech, thinner and more resistant films.
  • 100% safe for recycling

BagLixo Nature Bag is a reinforced product. It is produced from strong material able to withstand heavy loads with a mega-reinforced bottom. Valgroup’s high quality manufacturing ensures that waste is disposed of correctly.

Baglixo is a Leader in Quality along with Economy.

Color Green


15L Dimensions: 39cm x 58cm

Bags per roll: 60

30L Dimensions: 59cm x 62cm

Bags per roll: 30

50L Dimensions: 63cm x 80cm
Bags per roll: 30
100L Dimensions: 75cm x 1,05m
Bags per roll: 15

Leader in Economy along with Quality, providing the consumer with access to quality products that are ecological, and delivering great profitability to the category.

The Nature Bag line are products made from renewable sources, with great ecological consideration and with a lower cost than competitors’ products of quality. The Nature Bag line delivers sustainability to the consumer, generates positive brand perception and provides a higher value product and higher margin.

Trash bags made from ecological and renewable sources at a lower cost to the consumer. An innovative and affordable solution. Nature bag empowers the consumer to do the right thing by promoting education of the new plastic economy.

CLAIMS: Eco-friendly, Bio-V exclusive accelerated biodegradability, Made with sugarcane – V-Green, contains Re-V Cycle recycled material, Tough, Strong, Heavy Load, Mega Reinforced Bottom.

  • Bio-V – accelerated biodegradability in 05 years without microparticles
  • V-Green – made from sugar cane – 51% renewable source in its composition
  • Re-V Cycle – contains 30% recycled material
  • High-Tech, thinner and stronger films.
  • 100% safe for recycling.

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