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Reinforced Baglixo


More strength for heavy loads.

More strength for everyday life!

The BagLixo Reinforced line is composed of black colored trash bags that are ideal for disposal of heavier waste that is usually produced in condominiums, larger homes with gardens and large outdoor areas, restaurants, construction sites and others.

BagLixo Reinforced is produced to support heavy loads, with a mega reinforced bottom. Valgroup’s high quality manufacturing instills confidence and ensures that waste is disposed of correctly.

Ecological Product

Contains post-industrial recycled material – Eco-P – Sustainable Innovation Platform

High-tech, thinner and stronger films.

Baglixo is a Leader in Quality Economy.

Color Black


50L Dimensions: 63cm x 80 cm

Bags per roll: 50

100L Dimensions: 75cm x 1,05 m

Bags per roll: 25



Dimensions:90 cm x 1,00m

Bags per roll: 25

200L Dimensions: 92cm x 1,15m

Bags per roll: 15

Product line Leader in Economy along with Quality, providing the shopper with access to quality products that are ecological, and delivering great profitability to the category. This reinforced product is a leader in sales, being the most cost beneficial, and moving large volume at good margins.

Reinforced Garbage Bags with the best price to quality ratio for the shopper.

CLAIMS: Reinforced, environmentally friendly, containing post-industrial recycled material (Eco-P seal), Resistant, Super Strong, Heavy Load, Mega Reinforced Bottom.

  • BAGLIXO REINFORCED carries the ECO-P seal, having in its formulation the use of post-industrial post-industry recycled material;
  • High-tech, thinner and more resistant films.

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