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Institutional Use and Consumption Baglixo

The BagLixo institutional use and consumption line is composed of products in various sizes and colors, to meet companies’ waste management needs.

High performance and easy to handle products, which provide more safety, quality, and satisfaction in the cleaning process.

Ecological Product

Contains post-industrial recycled material – Eco-P – Sustainable Innovation Platform

High-tech, thinner and more resistant films.

Baglixo is a Leader in Economy along with Quality.

Colors: Black, Blue, Transparent, White, Red, Orange.

Sizes: 15, 30, 50, 100, 110, 150 and 200L.

Standard ABNT 9191:2008

Quality garbage bags, odorless, within ABNT standards, ecological and affordable. These attributes are essential to attend a customer’s waste management needs.

For those who actually manage the Garbage Bags, in this case the cleaning and collection team, we have developed a product that does not tear, that is easy to handle and without strong odor, which helps in the operational employee’s contentment.

  • ECO-P seal, having in its formulation the use of post-industrial recycled material;
  • High-tech, thinner and more resistant films.

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