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0 PET bottles from the environment


More protection for the product and higher productivity in packaging

Packages that guarantee better hermeticity, extending the product’s expiration date, and increase productivity in packaging.



  • Food
  • Petfood
  • Hygiene and house cleaning
  • Agrochemicals

  • Better hermeticity;
  • Allows high productivity in the packaging process;
  • Preservation of product characteristics due to hermeticity;
  • Option of using barrier materials, extending product expiration date;
  • Also available with easy opening and directional cutting, offering more convenience to the consumer;
  • Customized sizes and formats;
  • High quality and sharp printing.

  • High productivity in the packaging process.
  • Preservation of product characteristics due to hermeticity.

  • More convenience in opening packages due to the easy opening option;
  • Extended product shelf life when using barrier materials.

Can be made from mono-materials and biodegradable materials that facilitate recycling.

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