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The HP300 is the perfect wrapper for high productivity lines. Equipped with a robust structure and high level components, the HP300 boasts unmatched quality and speed. The HP300 is made up of the most advanced features of film application, which help it deliver reliability and a high volume of production.


Used for automatic wrapping of palletized loads with stretch film.

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Pre-stretch: Electronic

Stretch: up to 400%

Number of recipes: 10

Forza 2.0 feature

Automatic film cutting system

Productivity of up to 90 pallets/hour*.

*Depending on load height and wrapping pattern selected.

  • Application standardization;
  • Higher productivity;
  • Customer line automation;
  • Optimized interface with up to 10 wrapping recipes for easier operation;
  • Valgroup has an extensive stock of spare parts.

Our machines make the palletizing process more sustainable by reducing film consumption, and improving the stability and security of the loads, thereby reducing the loss of products during transport.

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