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HP88 Plus

Developed to meet the needs of our customers, the HP88 Plus is the most requested wrapping machine due to its versatility and efficiency in the application of stretch film. The HP88 also utilizes the exclusive Forza feature, a functionality that allows the user to apply film in up to four strategic points of the load. This improves the safety of the pallets and strengthens those regions that require greater stability.

The Plus model has an average productivity of up to 40 pallets per hour* and is made up of a motorized pre-stretching system with gear transmission. This feature, in addition to guaranteeing stretch levels of up to 250%, provides a significant consumption reduction of up to 70% when compared to manual and machine applications without pre-stretch.

*Depending on the load height and application recipe selected


Used for wrapping palletized loads with stretch film.

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Pre-stretch: Mechanical

Stretch: up to 250%

Number of recipes: 10

Forza Resource

  • Application standardization;
  • Higher productivity;
  • Better ergonomics in operation;
  • Reduction in film consumption compared to manual application;
  • Optimized interface with up to 10 wrapping recipes promoting easier operation;
  • Valgroup has an extensive stock of spare parts.

Our machines make the palletizing process more sustainable by reducing film consumption, and improving the stability and security of the loads, thereby reducing the loss of products during transport.

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