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Valgroup Standard Rigid Packages

5 de May de 2022

Standardized solutions for various markets and products.

Standard rigid packages are standard, patent-free products, which aim to meet the needs of manufacturers of all sizes. Needs such as cost reduction and positioning, among other methods of optimizing the commercialization of different types of products.

Valgroup is aiming to supply the demand and meet the requirements of final consumers, and has invested heavily in its portfolio of standard rigid packages. We have a varied selection, which serves several markets with a wide range of products.

Just like the customized packages, our standard rigid packages are produced with the best raw materials and modern equipment, providing superior quality.


Get to know Valgroup’s standard rigid packaging solutions by market.



Container for sweeteners 100ml and 200ml

Inverted container 380ml

PET canister 20L



355ml and 600ml Beer Bottles

1L bottle for dairy products

900ml bottle for yogurt

400ml bottle for drinks in general



Multipurpose Cylindrical Bottle 300ml and 500ml

Gel Alcohol Cylindrical Bottle 500ml and 1L

Multipurpose bottle 450ml, 900ml e 1.75L

Trigger bottle 500ml



Cylindrical Multiuse Bottle 300ml & 500ml



Agro PET bottle 1L

Agro HDPE bottle 1L

Agro-bottle 20L HDPE




Canister 20L HDPE


Standard Rigid Packages and Sustainability

All these solutions are also available in sustainable options, produced with a percentage or 100% of PET PCR resin in its composition, including those in direct contact with food, collaborating with the circular economy and adding value to your product.

To learn more about Valgroup’s standard rigid packaging or to check the weights available, please contact:

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