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What is LTC?

Valgroup is the only company in Latin America to offer real results in load safety and efficient packaging consumption, through the Load Test Center.

Equipped with high tech resources for transport tests and analysis of stretch and shrink, the LTC is a laboratory specialized in the development of packaging and applications according to each type of load and products of our customers.

By means of tests based on ASTM, EUMOS and ISTA international technical standards, the critical conditions in which the pallets are submitted to tests throughout the logistic chain. Our goal is to ensure that the correct use of our packaging will ensure product integrity.

Our focus is on the constant improvement of palletization processes, waste reduction, sustainability and cargo safety during transportation.


Understanding film characteristics and mechanical properties is fundamental to choosing the appropriate parameters for stretch wrapping machines and shrinking ovens, in order to obtain the best performance of our products during their applications.

Equipment such as ESTL FPT, ESTL SPT and Labthink FST assist us in new products and formulations, as well as in the understanding of their applicability in machines.

The Load Test Center has an advanced structure and specific equipment to simulate the critical situations that occur during transportation. Our purpose is to solve two of the biggest problems related to the logistic chain: the loss of products, and packaging waste. To this end, optimized stretch film applications are custom-designed for each type of cargo, with a focus on cargo safety and efficient packaging consumption.

Through analysis of the containment forces of stretch film and transport simulation tests, it is possible to scientifically prove that the applications proposed by LTC guarantee the adequate levels of safety, assuring in this way, the integrity of our customers' products throughout the entire logistics chain.

The Go Shrink project aims to bring solutions focused on reducing the consumption of inputs and promoting sustainability through the use of shrink film as an alternative to other types of secondary packaging on the market.

This project is divided into four stages:

• Analysing the products to be packaged in order to define the package format/matrix and the appropriate dimensions of the shrink film.

• Confection of the packages through Load Test Center’s the shrinking oven.

• Development of the adequate tying and cubing of the products on the pallet, in order to reach the ideal point between capacity and load stability.

• Development of an optimized stretch film application focused on load safety and the development of an optimized stretch film application, and film consumption for the new pallet that was created.

This way, the complete packaging solution is delivered to our customers.

Allwrapper is the ideal solution to optimize secondary packaging through the application of stretch film, which provides greater stability during the handling and transportation of packages.

By reducing packaging consumption and replacing shrinking ovens, Allwrapper presents itself as the sustainable alternative to conventional packaging processes.

Innovative and very versatile equipment that allows the creation of many different types of packages, from water bottles to paint cans and flammable products.

Our Resources

Acceleration Test

The Acceleration Test imposes dynamic acceleration conditions on the load. Such efforts occur both in situations of braking and sudden acceleration, during cornering and curves, as well as very tight turns and deviations.

Tilt Test

The Tilt Test imposes static acceleration conditions on the load, i.e., it simulates of the efforts caused on steep roads, such as slopes and inclines, and in curves of long duration that tend to project the loads in a certain direction outside the truck bodies.

Manipulation Test

The Manipulation Test is an extremely critical test for cargo stability because, through obstacles present on a platform on the floor, random movements that occur during transportation caused by holes and bumps in the roads are produced.

Cyclic Vibration Test

The Cyclic Vibration Test simulates the intrinsic vibrations generated during transportation caused by the irregularities of the roads and by the movement of the trucks' suspension.

SanMartin wrapping machine

The SanMarti orbital wrapping machine with rotating arm is present in many of our customers' automatic lines. Through its resources, optimized stretch film applications are developed, in order to be replicated in high productivity wrapping machines. In this way, regardless of the type of our customers' machines, we are able to deliver the best packaging solution.

ESTL - Film Edge Force (FEF)

The ESTL - FEF is a laboratory piece consisting of 8 load cells that enables the evaluation of the containment forces exerted by stretch film applied to loads.

ESTL -Film Performance Tester (FPT)

The ESTL Film Performance Tester (FPT) is the most advanced equipment currently for testing the mechanical properties of stretch film. It is equipped with tests such as Ultimate Stretch; Puncture Resistance; Tear Propagation Tearing Resistance; Grip among others.

ESTL - SPT 300

The ESTL - SPT equipment allows us to evaluate shrink package stiffness and deformation characteristics. Through this instrument, we analyze package elastic and plastic behavior, as well as its characteristics after application in the shrink ovens.

SMIPACK Shrink Oven

The SMIPACK shrink-wrapper/shrink oven is the equipment used for the manufacturing of packages using shrink film. Through its advanced features, we can develop the best results in package stiffness, appearance and efficiency.


Produced by Valfilm Máquinas, the HP88 is the most efficient wrapping machine in its category. This machine allows the development of optimized stretch film applications, delivering the lowest film consumption and maximum pallet safety.

LabThink - Film Shrinkage Tester (FST)

The LabThink Film Shrinkage Tester (FST) is the equipment used to evaluate the mechanical properties of shrink film, through tests such as – Shrinkage Transversal (DM) and Longitudinal (DT) shrinkage; - Shrinkage strength application temperature.

Load Retention Test (LRT)

The LRT (Load Retention Test), equipment developed by LTC, is a portable electronic system composed of four load cells, which allow the measurement of the force exerted by the stretch film on the load during and after completion of the wrapping cycle.


The Allwrapper is the equipment used in the making of packages using stretch film as secondary packaging and it presents itself as a sustainable alternative to the conventional packaging processes.

Acceleration Test
Tilt Test
Manipulation Test
Cyclic Vibration Test
SanMartin wrapping machine
SMIPACK Shrink Oven

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