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Baglixo Intelligence

Baglixo Intelligence is Valgroup’s trash bag intelligence business unit which, in addition to providing high quality products to our customers, aims to meet and truly understand the category and the characteristics of both the retailer, and its shopper. Through efficient solutions, we provide education for the product, boosting sales and profitability, as well as encouraging projects that stimulate the recovery and circularity of materials.


The work integrates a broad study of the shopper’s behavior, the decision tree, the use and expectation of products, characteristics of each retail channel, opportunities for connection between businesses, and monitoring of the waste management chain in order to foster projects aimed at a Circular Economy.


Our intelligence allows us to work on high performance projects with our customers in a customized way, understanding their channel, their shopper, their purpose and their brand, enabling the management, ambiance, navigability and education on the category, plus the possibility of integration with projects within the ESG agenda.

In the trash bag category, the decision is at the POS. Therefore, it is of great importance to develop customized projects to meet the shopping behavior profiles of our customers, aiming to clarify the characteristics and differences of each product category, in order to bring positive results for increased sales and consumer satisfaction.


We have in this work the educational nature of the category, encouraging the proper use of garbage bags and the correct disposal of materials, thus promoting the circular economy and income generation for cooperatives, collectors, and people in socially vulnerable situations.

Increased sales and margins in the category

Increased marketshare of the customer's category in the market and channel

Improved shopper education, understanding, usability, and customer satisfaction with the product

Projeto Desenvolvido

Dom Atacadista

Project developed in the cash & carry channel for the categories navigation and ambiance at the Dom Atacadista chain of stores. In the unit located in the city of São João do Meriti – RJ, a work focused on merchandising and indoor media with a gondola tip and backlight, resulted in the growth and visibility of the entire category.

Projects and initiatives to integrate waste generation with the product category to democratize access and drive a circular economy.

Democratizing the access and education of packaging garbage bags, aiming to minimize the critical point in the ideal circularity chain.

Use the best products, with lower ecological impacts.

Debut the trash bag to the market as one of the pillars of circularity (ESG agenda).

Create effective partnerships for this movement.

Developed Project

Intelligent Ecopoint

Customized for campaigns and operations in condominiums enables the:

  • Generation of Cashback (monetary)
  • – Generation of discount coupons
  • – Provides garbage bags
  • – Disposal control per user
  • – Environmental reports
  • – Efficiency Reports
  • – Collection Reports



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