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Habits for a More Sustainable Life in 2022

8 de March de 2022

What we do in our daily lives and what we do with our post-consumption waste has an impact on the environment. In fact, several actions in our routine leave a carbon footprint.


Therefore, acquiring more sustainable habits makes all the difference in the preservation of our planet.


Check out some tips that will help you reduce your impact on the environment in 2022:


Separate and recycle your waste


The need to recycle and its benefits are widely discussed, but what not everyone knows is that one of the main issues with recycling processes in general is contamination by other materials, whether food scraps, non-recyclable materials, or waste that is not compatible with certain types of recycling.


If you do not have the structure to perform this separation at home, many Brazilian cities have cites which have cooperatives that sort materials and send them to recyclers.


Opting for recycled products or packaging


The growing concern with the environment on the consumers’ end is making companies seek to adapt to the new reality and, therefore, deliver to this demanding and well-informed consumer with recycled and recyclable solutions.


By opting for these solutions, you stimulate the development of more sustainable products. One example is the LOOP bottle, by Bonafont, made from 100% recyclable post-consumer PET.


Proper Disposal of Electronics


Some components of electronic devices, such as batteries, have toxic substances, and their inadequate disposal is very harmful to nature. To face this problem, there are specific collection points for this type of material, such as some schools and equipment stores, to name a few examples. Consult your city hall or the responsible department to identify these points and adopt this habit.

Save water at home

According to SABESP, São Paulo’s Basic Sanitation Company, a 15-minute shower can consume from 45 to 135 liters of water.

Decrease shower time, closing the tap while brushing your teeth or washing dishes, and limiting the amount of water used for yard or garage cleaning are some examples of how we can use less water in our daily lives and save money at the same time.


Utilize ALL the food

All parts of vegetables and fruits can be used, but this is a habit not very common in the Brazilian kitchen.

The stalk of vegetables, the peel of fruit and even the seeds can be ingredients in tasty and very nutritious dishes such as cakes, breads, risottos and much more, besides making your shopping and your money more profitable.


Leave the car in the garage

Besides saving on fuel, using the car less often is good for the environment. Not driving as often keeps the city air cleaner and, if you choose to walk or cycle, for example, from work and other daily activities, you can turn your commute into physical exercise.


Saving electricity

Even the red standby light consumes electricity. Therefore, the first tip to save energy (and money) is to unplug appliances when not in use. In addition, maintenance also makes a difference in the energy efficiency of appliances, because a malfunctioning unit may demand more energy to perform its function. Despite being more expensive, LED lamps last longer and use less energy, which, in the long run, results in the saving of money and resources.


Buying second-hand

Buying a used product eliminates the need for natural resources used for the production of a new one and the energy that would be used in the production process, thereby reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, as well as promoting the circular economy.


Repair whenever possible

As with the previous tip, repairing objects and equipment before disposal extends their working life. Whether it’s appliances, clothing, or many other consumer goods, repairing means saving natural resources, energy,

greenhouse gas emissions, and, of course, money.


Taking care of our planet is the responsibility of all of us and only together we will manage to protect it from the impact of our lifestyle. How about starting in 2022 (or today)?

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