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What are the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?


Created by the United Nations (UN) in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals are a global call to action to end poverty, protect the environment, and ensure that the entire world can enjoy peace and prosperity while living in harmony with the environment.

There are a total of 17 goals divided into 169 targets, which make up the global agenda for tackling the main development challenges by building and implementing public policies that aim to guide humanity towards a more sustainable world by 2030.


This agenda includes an action plan based on 5 essential pillars that encompass all SDGs: people, planet, prosperity, partnership, and peace.


Sustainable Development Goals


  1. Poverty Eradication
  2. Eradicate poverty in all forms and in all places


  3. Zero Hunger and Sustainable Agriculture
  4. Eradicate hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and

    sustainable agriculture


  5. Health and Well-Being
  6. Ensure access to quality health and promote well-being for everyone at all


  7. Quality education
  8. Ensure access to inclusive, quality and equitable education and

    promote lifelong learning opportunities for everyone


  9. Gender Equality
  10. Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls


  11. Safe drinking water and sanitation
  12. Ensure the availability and sustainable management of safe drinking water and
    for everyone


  13. Clean and affordable energy
  14. Ensure access to viable, sustainable and modern sources of energy for


  15. Decent work and economic growth
  16. Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, complete and productive
    and decent work for everyone


  17. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  18. Build resilient infrastructure, promote industrialization that is inclusive and
    sustainable, and foster innovation


  19. Reducing Inequalities
  20. Reduce inequalities within and between countries


  21. Sustainable cities and communities
  22. Making cities and communities more inclusive, safe, secure, resilient and


  23. Responsible consumption and production
  24. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns


  25. Action against global climate change
  26. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts


  27. Life on Water
  28. Conserve and use the oceans, seas and marine resources in a sustainable manner for
    sustainable development


  29. Life on Land
  30. Protect, restore, and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems managing
    forests sustainably, combating desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, and halt the loss of


  31. Peace, justice and effective institutions
  32. Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access
    justice for all, and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels


  33. Partnerships and means of implementation
  34. Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize global partnerships for
    sustainable development

    Valgroup and the SDGs


    The SDGs are part of the planning and strategies of companies that seek to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to fair and inclusive social development. For this reason, they are present in Valgroup’s projects and decision making, since it was founded the company has had the pursuit for innovation and sustainability in its DNA.


    Valgroup develops solutions that strengthen the circular economy of plastics, invests in modern equipment that makes its production more efficient and optimizes the consumption of resources and energy, and has established environmental commitments, ambitious goals, and effective initiatives to achieve them.


    On the social front, we have solid initiatives to promote social development through culture and education, offering fair opportunities, promoting inclusion, and working to ensure that no link in our production chain operates with child labor, slave-like conditions, or any other labor infractions.


    Learn more about Valgroup’s commitments and initiatives on the website


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