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Valgroup and its ESG Goals and Objectives

19 de May de 2022

With the growing concern regarding the environmental impacts of our lifestyle as well as the confrontation of inequalities and social injustices, companies are increasingly required to take effective positions and initiatives to reverse these scenarios.


Based on this social demand, the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) concept has been created as a metric to measure the environmental impact of our lifestyles, as well as to evaluate the companies performance in these three pillars. This has led to the creation of business practices based on sustainability criteria and the understanding that a company’s growth goes beyond the profits achieved, ushering in a new dynamic in the approach of managers and investors.


Sustainability, in all its spheres, has always been a central part of Valgroup’s of principles, and so the implementation of ESG and its practices was a natural course of action.


In the environmental sphere

Valgroup works to be ever more efficient in its use of resources, dedicated to designing innovative and sustainable solutions that strengthen the circular economy of plastics.

The company was one of the first in the world to sign the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Global Commitment to the New Plastics Economy, and is also a signatory to movements such as:

Global Compact and Plastic Pollution Treaty, both from the UN.

Plastic Circularity NETWORK – Brazil



Valgroup has recently signed a purchase and sale agreement with Casa dos Ventos, guaranteeing the supply of wind energy for half of the plants in Brazil. The goal is to be 100% supplied with renewable energy by 2030.

Our Findlay, Ohio, plant already operates with 70% wind power.



Our goal is to be net zero and to recycle 100% of the volume we produce by 2040.

Therefore, aiming to potentiate the circularity of plastic and use increasingly less virgin raw materials, Valgroup invest in, and is dedicated to optimizing waste management, aside from recovering and reusing what is generated and discarded by the linear economy model.

This search for an efficient Circular Economy comes from the belief that it is a fundamental step towards reversing climate change.


In the social sphere

One of Valgroup’s values is Dedication to our people, so the company has a caring eye towards its employees, valuing them and seeking their satisfaction and development.

In the communities where it operates, Valgroup supports social institutions and projects to help fight inequalities.

The S, of the Valgroup ESG, has 4 main objectives:

The eradication of hunger;

Supporting education for vulnerable children and young people;

Acting in favor of respect for human rights;

Support for diversity and inclusion, through the fair offer of opportunities.


Valgroup is ready to take a leap in its growth and this must be done in a planned, structured, ethical, and transparent manner, following the best compliance practices and acting in accordance with the laws, internal and external rules, regulations and guidelines.

Composed of three pillars – Prevention, Detection and Correction of risks and conducts -, the Valgroup Compliance Program aims to ensure integrity, transparency, brand credibility and business sustainability, as well as adding value for its suppliers and customers.

Learn more about Valgroup’s ESG goals and objectives at

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