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Innovation, Technology and Efficiency: Wrapping Machines Valgroup

11 de April de 2023

With the aim of of promoting more safety, efficiency and sustainability for business, Valgroup has created its own line of wrapping machines developed with specific technologies for the most efficient use of stretch film.

Our machines help companies optimize their palletizing process, promoting efficiency, material savings, cost reduction, greater safety in transportation and consequently a more sustainable operation.

The high production capacity, combined with the latest technologies, ensures the quality of an innovative product. With an extremely qualified team, Valgroup works attentively to details in all manufacturing processes and uses the best selected raw materials available on the market, in addition to a vast stock of machines and spare parts for immediate delivery.

In addition, we also produce equipment on demand, customized to meet any challenge or customers’ needs, including fast and safe delivery.

The Forza application feature, unique to Valgroup machines, allows the configuration of number of loops, pre-stretching and tensioning of the stretch film on strategic parts of the load, which increases the stability of the products during transportation with the lowest film consumption in the market, thus promoting more efficiency for the operation, more safety for the products, and more sustainability for the business.

We offer personalized service to our customers through a technical assistance team specialized in the assembly and maintenance of wrapping machines and in the application of stretch film, with on-site support within 72 hours and remote support whenever necessary, including weekends.

Listed below are the benefits that Valgroup Wrapping Machines can offer to your operation:

Packaging standardization: the machines can be set to follow up to ten (10) wrapping settings/batch patterns, thereby delivering the same application parameters.

Film savings: savings of up to 70% of stretch film consumption are possible, if compared to manual applications or machines without resources.

Higher productivity: the machines work in continuous mode and with higher process speed.

More efficiency and ergonomics: in the automatic application, the operator only needs to press a few buttons to configure the machine and start its operation, and in some cases, it is possible to operate the machine autonomously.

Greater product safety: by means of a controlled and precise application of film, it is possible to increase the stability of loads and thus promote greater safety, avoiding tipping over and loss of products during transportation.

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