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Valgroup receives award for Best Supplier of Exclusive Brands from the Pão de Açúcar Group.

19 de April de 2022

Valgroup Waste Bags unit received, for the first time, the the Best Supplier Award for Exclusive Brands of GPA (Grupo Pão de Açúcar) in the GPA (Grupo Pão de Açúcar) in the DPH (Disposable Hygiene Products, Home, Party and PET) in the PEQ program.

PEQ – Evolving Quality Program appeared in 2013 and is the professionalization of quality processing. An unprecedented program and a leader in retail, which embodies the stages of development of new products, the improvement of formulas and recipes of the items already produced by suppliers, laboratory tests, packaging and sensory tests with consumers, as well as quality and social audits. Currently, PEQ works with more than 230 suppliers of exclusive branded industrialized products.

Developing customized projects to meet the customer’s shopping behavior profile and aiming to provide the characteristics and differences of each product category, Valgroup manufactures the Qualitá brand garbage bag, an exclusive GPA product since 2008.

Learn more about Qualitá garbage bags produced by Valgroup:

Qualitá: Garbage bags in blue color, featuring more bags per roll and all the convenience of detachable units, perfect for those who seek economy, practicality and quality. Made of high quality plastic with a reinforced bottom, they bring strength and resistance to your daily life.

Qualitá Condominium: Bags in the color black, measures 110L and 200L, ideal for the disposal of heavier residues and generally produced for condominiums, larger houses with outdoor areas, restaurants, civil construction and others. Produced to support high volumes of waste; strong material, with a reinforced bottom and the reliability of Valgroup’s high quality manufacturing.

Qualitá Economic: Garbage bags in the color black, ideal for light waste, with a reinforced bottom and the reliability of high manufacturing quality, ensuring that waste is disposed of correctly. It is the perfect option for those who want to save money and guarantee quality garbage bags for everyday use.

Qualitá Kitchen and Bathroom: Garbage bags in white, discreet and ideal for use in small sink or bathroom trash cans. A high tech ecological product with thinner and more resistant films.

The award for Best Supplier of GPA Exclusive Brands was personally held at Valgroup, on April 13, 2022, by Sophia Tamie Segawa Montagner – Quality Manager; Rosangela Maria Da Silva Paganini – Commercial Manager; Viviane Vicenti – Commercial Coordinator; Erica Moura – Technical Coordinator; Leonilson Lima – Packaging Coordinator.

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