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The plastics industry and the pet market

8 de March de 2022

Brazil became, in 2019, the second largest market for pet products in the world, (behind only the U.S.) and moved about R$ 35.4 billion up to the third quarter of that year. This sector, which grows continuously, corresponds to 0.36% of the national GDP.

These encouraging numbers for manufacturers of pet products stimulate innovation and creativity, which gives rise to the enormous diversity of products and services offered to more than 140 million pets that live in Brazilian homes.


Plastic in the pet market

As is well known, plastic is widely present in all economic sectors, and the pet market it is no different. Therefore, as in other industries, plastic adds versatility, economy, safety, and sustainability for those who produce as well as for those who consume, thanks to properties that make it light and resistant.


From toys to packaging

In the main segments, which are Pet Food, Pet Care, Veterinary Services and Pet Services, there is a huge variety of products. In any pet shop, you can find countless options of pet food and treats for animals of all ages and sizes, toys such as Frisbees and balls, and accessories such as food and water pots, and much more.


As the pet market evolves, plastic packaging for pet food makes a difference. This is because, (considering that pet foods can be moist, semi-moist or dry) the versatility of plastic allows it to meet the specificities of each type, ensuring its conservation, integrity, its nutritional value and taste, from production to consumption.


Valgroup’s solutions for pet food

Packaging that extends the shelf life of products, preserves flavor and nutritional value and highlights your product on the shelves. High performance solutions for the logistic chain in a safe and economical way. In Valgroup’s portfolio you will find ideal solutions for various needs in the pet food market.

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