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Valgroup’s calcium carbonate compound in the formulation of blown products

15 de May de 2023

We know that blown parts, in their majority, such as bottles, toys or other containers, need to resist multiple stresses and external and internal conditions. For example, a bottle of chemical product that cannot react with the filled liquid, or wheels manufactured for a toy that, in no way, can present cracks or bending from impact or external pressures.


Imagine the number of chemical bottles, automotive oil bottles and children’s toys used daily in several homes, cars and the like. There are tons of plastic transformed per hour to meet all the demand. Aiming at reducing raw material costs without compromising the quality of the final part, Valgroup, in the Compounds and Masterbatches unit, has developed a solution for the plastics industry.

The Valgroup calcium carbonate compound for HDPE is differentiated by its excellent compatibilization, homogenization, and dispersion in the polymeric medium. Its purpose is to replace a fraction of the resin and thus bring savings to the formulation, while respecting the limits and internal approval requirements of each customer.

Our technical team, specialized in this segment, follows the product development and homologation steps, identifying the best customized application scenario for each type of blown part.

We work continuously in search of operational efficiency in the plastic transformation industry.

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