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Valgroup Agro Drums and Agro Bottles – Reliability and Versatility for the Field

8 de March de 2022

Plastics offer valuable benefits to every industries where it is present, such as reliability, economy, and versatility among many others. This also applies to the agricultural sector, which uses plastic solutions to optimize its production chain, guaranteeing better performance for the business.


Among Valgroup’s solutions for the agricultural market are bottles, which can be made from either PET or HDPE, and whose versatility allows the agricultural producer to use them for several applications, not limited only to the bottling of fertilizers. In addition, in some cases, they can be composed of post-consumer recycled resin (PCR), making the operation more sustainable.



Monolayer packaging that can be used to package several products.


Technical characteristics:








Valgroup’s 20L container is certified by Inmetro for land transport packaging group II with density = 1,4 kg/L.


Other technical characteristics:






The PET bottle is a new product on the market and is designed to

use the 45mm flush cap, the same one that can be used on the

HDPE bottle, but with some advantages, such as higher mechanical

resistance in relation to the HDPE bottle, and an aesthetic that enhances the product, and can be produced in crystal or white.


The PET bottle also has greater dimensional control,

avoiding any problem with the application of sealing and

and closures, aside from ensuring a better seal after opening the package.


Technical characteristics:






Besides flasks, Valgroup also offers solutions for the agribusiness industry such as agricultural stretch wrapping. Bringing innovation, technology and high performance to the agricultural field.


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