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Sustainability, efficiency and product safety: Caps Valgroup

11 de April de 2023

Focused on efficiency and sustainability, the Valgroup Caps unit incorporates systems with the latest generation technology which allows improved dimensional control and optimum production efficiency. In addition, all the cap projects are born with a light-weighting concept, resulting in lower waste generation and reduction of carbon emissions.

We currently produce caps for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages that may or may not be printed according to each customer’s needs. Our product offers safety to consumers through its tamper-evident seal system BBBSR (best bring before seal release).

With the cap market evolution, compared to the last 10 years of production, we achieved material savings of approximately 25%. Following the same path, we will soon have an important change to bottle finish resulting in the caps being further reduced, increasing material savings by another 15%.

Check out the chart below:

Another trend is the tethered format, a new design that leaves the cap attached to the bottle, making it easier to dispose of it in a correct manner, facilitating selective collection and contributing to recycling development. This new feature is to be mandatorily implemented in the European Union by July 2024 for single-use packages with a capacity of less than 3 liters.

In Brazil, as Valgroup is always connected with its suppliers, it will be possible to start to produce this new trend in a short period of time, based on the demand of our customers.

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