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Valgroup technology reduces thickness of the packaging film by up to 40%

11 de May de 2023

MDO technology, in addition to being sustainable, improves properties such as resistance, brightness and transparency.

Designed to meet the needs of the clients (and the planet), Valgroup has in its portfolio a more sustainable primary packaging for the tissue market: the MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) technology, with which it is possible to reduce film thickness by 37.5%. In addition, there are improvements to packaging properties such as tear and puncture resistance, more brightness and transparency.

Currently, a package of toilet paper with 12 rolls contains about 18.25g of plastic in its composition. Using Valgroup MDO technology, the weight of this package could be reduced to just 10g on average, meaning more protection using less material.

Valgroup has been developing and producing flexible plastic packaging for more than 45 years and is constantly looking for innovations to meet the needs of its customers.

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