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Grandes Marcas

Valgroup develops recyclable and biodegradable bags for AmBev’s startup, Delivery Zé.

Valgroup – one of the largest producers, transformers and recyclers of plastic packaging – has developed recyclable bags with degradation, biodegradation and absence of harmful residues, with approval criteria contained in the ASTM D6954 standard to supply to Delivery Zé, – a startup created by the Brazilian beverage company AmBev – which offers an app […]

Grandes Marcas

Valgroup develops bottles with recycled resin for Kraft Heinz Brazil

One of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, Kraft Heinz, has teamed up with Valgroup – one of the largest producers, processors and recyclers of plastic – to use packaging made from PET PCR (post-consumer recycled resin) in its portfolio of the Heinz product line in Brazil. The development of this new […]

Grandes Marcas

Valgroup develops recyclable packaging with integrity and high moisture barrier for Nestlé's compostable capsules in Brazil.

Nestlé has recently announced Nescafé Dolce Gusto NEO. Brazil is the first country to receive this innovation and will produce 100% of the compostable capsules in the sustainable Nescafé Dolce Gusto factory. For the capsules to reach the consumer safely, Valgroup – one of the world’s largest producers, converters and recyclers of plastic packaging – […]

Grandes Marcas

Valgroup develops Shrink PCR for the new Devassa beer packaging

HEINEKEN Group, the second largest brewery in Brazil, has teamed up with Valgroup – one of the largest producers, processors and recyclers of plastic – for use of packaging made from PCR film (post-consumer recycled resin) in its Devassa beer line. The packaging was developed with 30% recycled resin in its composition. A more sustainable […]

Grandes Marcas

M. Dias Branco introduces Cream Cracker packaging made with recycled plastic

The best-selling Cream Cracker in Brazil, from the Vitarella brand, will have sustainable packaging.   Dias Branco partners with Valgroup, a company with over 45 years in the market, a reference in plastic production, transformation, and recycling; together, they introduce innovative multipack packaging for Vitarella Cream Cracker. The new package is comprised of recycled plastics, […]

Grandes Marcas

Valgroup develops 1250ml bottles for yogurt in partnership with Serramar

Serramar, a cooperative with over eight decades of history, recognized as a symbol of quality and tradition. Serramar stands out by excellence of its products, with a family of 750 dedicated cooperative members, supplying around 70 million liters of milk annually. In this context, a new release arises that reflects the continuous commitment to quality […]


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