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Valgroup develops Shrink PCR for the new Devassa beer packaging

28 de March de 2023

HEINEKEN Group, the second largest brewery in Brazil, has teamed up with Valgroup – one of the largest producers, processors and recyclers of plastic – for use of packaging made from PCR film (post-consumer recycled resin) in its Devassa beer line.

The packaging was developed with 30% recycled resin in its composition. A more sustainable product that helps to accelerate the circular economy of plastic, with reduced use of virgin resin and achieving the same performance as a conventional package.

For Valgroup, participating in this project reinforces its commitment to sustainability. The company has a strong ESG positioning, such as being NET ZERO by 2040, neutralizing carbon emissions and recycling the equivalent of 100% of the amount of packaging produced, effectively contributing to the circular economy by removing plastic waste from the environment.

According to João Alves, Sustainability Manager at Valgroup, the support of large companies such as the HEINEKEN Group is fundamental to strengthen the circular economy, as they are the ones who will influence consumers and other companies in the good practices of consumption of materials. “Only with the partnership of all links in the production chain that we will be able to produce technology and quality materials to strengthen the circular economy, the ideal model to have safe packaging that results in a smaller carbon footprint and in the decontamination of the environment.” – states João Alves.

In 2021, the HEINEKEN Group announced its commitment to neutralize carbon emissions across its entire value chain by 2040.  The company already invests in sustainable solutions and wants to extend the positive impact to the entire business cycle, reaching all the way to its post-consumption product.

“The search for more sustainable solutions, when it comes to packaging, requires us to also take important social care, in addition to considering our consumers’ needs and logistical challenges.

When we looked at our portfolio, we understood that Shrink is a very relevant material from the point of view of usability for consumers and that it facilitates the logistics of transportation, being lighter, more resistant and waterproof.

Still, we identified that there was an opportunity to reduce the negative impacts of Shrink by adopting a more sustainable model that, in addition to reducing the amount of plastic in dumps and landfills, also contributes to recyclable material cooperatives”, says Ornella Vilardo, Director of Sustainability of the HEINEKEN Group.

This performance in innovation and sustainability, together with HEINEKEN Group, affirms Valgroup’s purpose to increase people’s quality of life through the development of innovative and sustainable solutions in packaging, optimizing resources and supporting the circular economy for plastics.

About HEINEKEN Group

The HEINEKEN Group arrived in Brazil in May 2010, following the acquisition of the FEMSA Group’s beer division and, in 2017, acquired Brasil Kirin Holding S.A (“Brasil Kirin”), becoming the second player in the Brazilian beer market. The Group generates more than 14,000 jobs and has 14 production units in the country, 12 of which are breweries, located in Alagoinhas (BA), Alexânia (GO), Araraquara (SP), Benevides (PA), Caxias (MA), Igarassu (PE), Igrejinha (RS) (SP), Jacareí (SP), Pacatuba (CE), Ponta Grossa (PR) and Recife (PE), two microbreweries in Campos do Jordão (SP) and Blumenau (SC). In Brazil, the HEINEKEN Group’s beer portfolio consists of Heineken®, Heineken® 0.0, Sol, Amstel, Amstel Ultra, Kaiser, Bavaria, Eisenbahn, Baden Baden, Devassa, Schin, Glacial, No Grau, Kirin Ichiban, Lagunitas, Blue Moon and Tiger. The non-alcoholic portfolio includes Água Schin, Schin Tônica, Skinka and the soft drinks Itubaína, Viva Schin, FYS and CLASH’D. Headquartered in São Paulo, the company is a subsidiary of HEINEKEN NV, the largest brewery in Europe.

About Valgroup

For over 45 years in the market, Valgroup has become one of the largest producers, transformers and recyclers of plastic with operations in Brazil, Spain, United States, Italy, Mexico and Uruguay, with over 6,500 employees in 40 plants. A consolidated company, with the purpose of raising the quality of life through development of innovative and sustainable solutions, in pursuit of leadership in the plastic packaging market in the Americas and to be recognized as a reference in circular economy, being one of the first companies in Brazil to sign the Global Commitment to the New Plastic Economy.

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