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Trends for flexible plastic packaging in the post-pandemic

The pandemic has had a profound impact on society’s lifestyle. In some spheres, this impact will be long lasting, such as on consumption habits. With social isolation, restrictions, trade closures, and lockdowns, online shopping has grown explosively in all sectors and shows no signs of slowing down. The consumption of food at home has also increased.


Valgroup initiatives to contribute to society in the face of Covid-19 pandemic

For more than 40 years, ValGroup has worked with the entire production chain including customers, suppliers and the communities we serve to face and overcome small and large challenges. Now, more than ever, the Valgroup team is working tirelessly to win this battle more.


Valgroup 4.0

Industry 4.0 consists of industrial automation through innovation and the integration of different technologies in order to promote the digitalization of industrial activities, optimizing processes and increasing productivity.


Learn about the de-inking process at Deink Brasil, a Valgroup partner

Deink Brazil, a Valgroup partner, is the developer of an innovative recycling technology that allows the total removal of inks from printed plastic residues, and wastes of post-industrial origin and post-consumption.


Release Natural One

Natural One signs public commitment with Valgroup and invests R$2.4 million in 100% recycled PET packaging


Single-material packaging – Because in recycling, less is more

Although multimaterial plastic packaging components are essentially recyclable, nowadays recycling this type of waste is still a challenge for the circular economy due to a lack of technologies for the efficient separation of these different components, which makes the process laborious and costly from start to finish.


Deink Brasil launches new technology for recycling plastic packaging

Deink Brasil, a Valgroup investee company, launches a new process called DEINK 4D (delamination, demetallization, de-inking and disruption) that opens a new era in plastic film by recycling the components present in food and beverage packaging and labels, generating a new natural plastic resin with countless applications.    The process developed by Deink Brasil opens a […]


LTC: Americas' most complete transportation simulation laboratory

Valgroup’s Load Test Center (LTC) stands out as the only laboratory in Latin America with the ability to provide real results in load safety and efficient packaging consumption. Equipped with high-tech resources for transportation simulation and analysis of stretch and shrink films, the LTC assumes a fundamental role in the current business landscape. The laboratory […]


Valgroup wins 1st place in FEMSA's Premium Suppliers with Assisted Reality Glasses Project

Valgroup celebrates winning 1st place in FEMSA’s Premium Suppliers Awards, in the Global Category, with the Assisted Reality Glasses Project. This recognition highlights Valgroup’s commitment to innovation and excellence in solutions for its customers. The project is a solution aimed at optimizing the operation and maintenance of production lines at FEMSA, one of the world’s […]


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