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Valgroup initiatives to contribute to society in the face of Covid-19 pandemic

8 de March de 2022

For more than 40 years, ValGroup has worked with the entire production chain including customers, suppliers and the communities we serve to face and overcome small and large challenges. Now, more than ever, the Valgroup team is working tirelessly to win this battle more.

Taking care of people and ensuring that the country’s supply goes on without impacts are our primary commitments. We are a fundamental link in the supply chain, protecting food, hygienic and cleaning products in the packaging produced by all ValGroup companies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, spread throughout Brazil and the world.

Plastic is extremely effective in combating Covid-19. It is transformed into masks, respirators, alcohol gel packs, and other essential equipment for the protection of healthcare professionals, treating patients and reducing the speed of propagation of Covid-19.

“Education, science and technology are instrumental in slowing the spread of Covid-19. To this end, we at Valgroup are investing in new medical equipment to support the healthcare system and using our in-depth knowledge of polymer materials to devise ground-breaking solutions such as full-face shields and preforms for hand sanitisers as well as providing assistance to drivers and waste pickers. Throughout our history, our clients, suppliers, partners, colleagues and communities have relied on us to overcome challenges and endure the most difficult times. Mutual support and generosity will allow us to get through this and at the same time build a better world for this and future generations. That lies at the heart of our core values. We are all in this together.” says César Sanches, Valgroup’s Director of Strategic Marketing and Sustainability.

We believe that to overcome this crisis it is necessary to reinvent itself and open horizons beyond the business to make a difference. That’s what ValGroup is doing. Following all the guidelines of the health professionals, Ministry of Health and World Health Organization, cultivating empathy and solidarity, which are very important in this period of social distance.

To overcome this challenge, ValGroup has supported the following initiatives:


About ValGroup

Valgroup offers an unrivalled set of sustainable packaging solutions, which includes PET preforms with recycled content, recycled resins (rPET, rPE, rPP), stretch & shrink bundling films, barrier films, BOPP/Laminated films, labels, specialty films (adhesive, building and construction, inclusion wrap, release film, sealant web and trench coat), lids, caps, closure systems, HDPE containers (bottles, pots, gallons, etc), coreless and pre-stretched technologies, additives, and so on.

With over 40 years of history and present in 5 countries and 3 continents, the group has more than 5,000 employees, 8 companies and 27 manufacturing plants, and stands out as a leader in practically all the segments in which it operates.

As a producer of plastic packaging and aware of its responsibility to the environment and the society, ValGroup has its own Sustainability Program, which currently recycles 135 thousand tons of plastics per year.

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