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Resistant, practical and indispensable: learn about the history of the plastic bag

Plastic bags are used in every part of the world. Produced on a large scale, they are light, resistant, low-cost, and have become indispensable for several consumption and transportation purposes. How did bags originate and become part of our daily life? In the 1950s, retail was driven by sales transported in paper bags. Having this […]


Lightweight, recyclable and sustainable: meet Shrink Life Cycle Analysis

Did you know that Valgroup beverage packs emit less carbon dioxide than carbonic gas compared to many other materials used for packaging? This contributes to the reduction of global warming and CO2 emission rates on the planet. Would you like to know how? Sustainability is a growing concern. It is increasingly evident that consumers and […]


PET and its advantages

Have you ever stopped to think that PET is one of the most present types of plastic in our daily life? A light, resistant material that was a true revolution in several manufacturing industries. Produced for the first time in 1941, PET was focused on use in the production of fibers and fabrics due to […]


Recycling: types of processes and applications

When we talk about recycling, what comes to your mind? We often think of colorful waste bins and the selective collection where we separate recyclable materials that will be processed to become new products. But what is the definition of recycling? According to the National Policy for Solid Waste, recycling can be defined as “the […]


BIO-V: technology that accelerates the biodegradability of plastics.

Plastic is present in society’s daily life, offering safety, durability and resistance, less contamination, greater possibilities and efficient processes compared to other types of materials. At Valgroup, the whole portfolio of shrinkable packaging for proteins is developed with the purpose of reducing environmental impacts, reinforcing our commitment to quality of life through innovative and sustainable […]


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