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PET and its advantages

24 de February de 2023

Have you ever stopped to think that PET is one of the most present types of plastic in our daily life? A light, resistant material that was a true revolution in several manufacturing industries.

Produced for the first time in 1941, PET was focused on use in the production of fibers and fabrics due to its resistance and deformation capacity. In 1990 PET was approved for use in the manufacturing of beverages among other products, and three years later, in 1993, it began to be used in Brazil.

With lower energy consumption in its manufacture, the PET bottle has brought cost and material consumption reduction. Considering that a PET bottle for 350ml of 350ml of liquid, without gas, weighs around 10g, while an 350ml aluminum can also without gas, has a weight of 14.5g.

In transportation, the impact is also positive. Did you know that PET reduces fuel consumption? Because of its greater compactness and light weight, it is possible to transport thousands more packaging units than either cans or glass, for example. Either in the preform version, before filling, or even after being filled with liquid.

Regarding food safety, PET goes through rigorous testing, which evaluates the potential migration of substances into drinks and food, regulated by ANVISA and proves that no substance is harmful to health, or migrates to the liquid filled in this material.

As far as social aspects are concerned, benefits are also present, since PET enables more affordable beverages to the final consumer, besides allowing the post-consumption bottle to go through selective collection and return to the plastic chain through the circular economy.

This is the reason why Valgroup, throughout its 46-year history, has become one of the largest plastic producers, converters, and recyclers in the world, producing PET packaging of excellence with the best raw materials and equipment in the market.

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