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BIO-V: technology that accelerates the biodegradability of plastics.

20 de March de 2023

Plastic is present in society’s daily life, offering safety, durability and resistance, less contamination, greater possibilities and efficient processes compared to other types of materials.

At Valgroup, the whole portfolio of shrinkable packaging for proteins is developed with the purpose of reducing environmental impacts, reinforcing our commitment to quality of life through innovative and sustainable solutions, optimizing resources and supporting the circular economy for plastics.

To further reaffirm this commitment, we have BIO-V, an additive developed with advanced accelerated biodegradability technology, which makes a plastic bag decompose in landfills in up to 5 years, without leaving microplastics in the environment.

If compared to conventional plastic, BIO-V brings the advantages of:

*Graph: Biodegradation percentage of SB15 with BIO-V in the composition, in landfill


Together with BIO-V, our shrinkable packages act in the maintenance of the product, prolonging the shelf life of the food, minimizing waste in the chain and guaranteeing the client a more efficient and profitable process for the business.

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