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Learn about the initiatives of Valgroup's waste recycling initiatives

8 de March de 2022

Since 1976 Valgroup has been concerned about creating more and more sustainable products and to developing processes that promote conscious production and consumption. This means, for example, developing recyclable solutions, encouraging this habit, and also assuming its own recycling operations.


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Valgroup currently has 3 PET recycling plants, one in Rio de Janeiro, one in Mexico and another in Spain, which together process more than 300 million post-consumer PET bottles per month. And this number is about to increase: in January 2022, another unit will be inaugurated, in Recife, state of Pernambuco.


In all the cities where we operate, we have partnerships with companies that collect the material from sales points, residences and selective collection locations, and send it to our to our recycling plants. There, we perform the separation, washing and treatment of the plastic before starting the recycling process.


The process is completely safe and registered at Anvisa. Including, our PET PCR Resin (Post Consumption Recycled) which was the first to be certified for contact with food in Brazil.


Today, more than 100,000 tons/year of PET PCR Resin and has been processed, and by the end of next year, it is predicted that this number will grow 30%!


In the case of flexible material recycling, Valgroup operates in Manaus (AM) and Itanhandu (MG), recovering more than 2,500 tons of post-industrial trimmings per month, directly from our production.

The material goes through a mechanical process that is safe and clean that originates resins of high (HDPE) and low (LDPE) densities, which can be used as raw material in the manufacturing of non-food packaging.


As the largest manufacturer of rigid and flexible resins in Latin America, Valgroup continues to invest in research and development to build a sustainable future through recycling and by launching sustainable innovations.

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