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Learn about the initiatives of Valgroup's waste recycling initiatives

Since 1976 Valgroup has been concerned about creating more and more sustainable products and to developing processes that promote conscious production and consumption. This means, for example, developing recyclable solutions, encouraging this habit, and also assuming its own recycling operations.


Do you know what PCR resin is?

Extremely versatile, Post-Consumer Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Resin, better known as PET PCR Resin, is present in several areas, such as civil construction, automotive and medical. In the packaging sector, through the Bottle-to-Bottle recycling process, PCR PET resin can be used in new packaging for food contact.


Myths and truths about plastic

Increased environmental awareness has caused many people to pay more attention to plastic and reduce its consumption, especially disposable plastics. However, in many cases, plastic is taken as the villain of the story in an unduly manner.


Unification of Valgroup: Purpose, Values and Expectations

Now unified, these brands and the employees who made it all possible are now operating under the same name: Valgroup, a change that represents the consolidation of a transforming history.


Valgroup, one of the world's largest producers and recyclers of of plastic packaging in the world, invests in Deink Brasil.

Deink Brasil's unique ink removal process, called deinking, allows the total removal of inks from printed plastic waste, bringing significant changes to the global recycling market. The technology used by Deink, already patented in 21 countries, results in materials with characteristics similar to those of virgin plastic.


Valgroup invests and acquires one more recycling plant in Brazil

Latin America’s largest plastics recycler announces the acquisition of 3 Rios Fibras e Resinas’ PET bottle recycling activity Valgroup, one of the largest plastic producers, processors and recyclers in the world and the largest in Latin America, announces the acquisition of the PET bottle recycling activity of 3 Rios Fibras e Resinas, in Poços de […]


5 curiosities about plastic that you probably didn’t know

We know that, for many, plastic is considered harmful to the environment and some people even talk about abolishing the material from the market. However, it is important to point out that plastic is extremely advantageous and beneficial. This is because, when used correctly, it can provide several conveniences, and can be used to manufacture a variety of products, making their cost accessible and our day-to-day lives easier.


Como o plástico revolucionou a logística dos produtos?

Presente em nosso dia a dia e em todos os setores da economia, o plástico tornou-se a principal opção de material para embalar e armazenar produtos dos mais variados segmentos, tanto no transporte como nas prateleiras. Mas você já se perguntou por que as indústrias optam por esse material?


Valgroup invests and acquires two new plants in Italy, expanding recycling and PET preforms production

Valgroup, one of the largest producers, transformers and recyclers of plastic packaging, announces the acquisition of two Italian companies, regional market leaders, NuovaPlast, specializing in PET preform production and 3R, active in the bottle recycling segment. This acquisition will allow Valgroup to enter a new market with a well-established presence and the development of synergic […]


Valgroup expands its operations in the Italian PET preform market with the acquisition of Garda Plast Group

Valgroup, one of the largest producers, transformers and recyclers of plastic packaging, announces the acquisition of Garda Plast Group (GP Group), formed through the aggregation – led by Progressio SGR – between Garda Plast S.p.A., based in Polpenazze del Garda (BS), and IFAP S.p.A., based in Palmanova (UD). GP Group is specialized in the production […]

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