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Unification of Valgroup: Purpose, Values and Expectations

9 de March de 2022

Throughout its history, through CPR, Injecap, Lorenpet, Leb, Tecnoval, Valfilm and Valmaster, Valgroup has brought to the market innovation, quality and reliability in all its solutions, services, assistance and support.


Now unified, these brands and the employees who made it all possible are now operating under the same name: Valgroup, a change that represents the consolidation of a transforming history.


Although the business divisions will be maintained, with the unification, the company gains synergy among several departments, engagement of employees, versatility to expand the execution of projects together, in addition to strengthening even more the relationship with customers and partners, and reinforce the sustainable positioning that has guided the group until now, opening the path to achieve its purpose: to raise quality of life through the development of innovative solutions and to optimize the use of resources, strengthening the circular economy of plastics.


The companies that integrated the group were leaders in their sectors, established and recognized by the market for the solutions and services offered. For this reason, unifying them also strengthens Valgroup’s position as the most complete company in the sector of plastic packaging in the Americas. After all, from now on, customers from the most diverse industries frequent the same sources to find complete solutions, from packaging to raw materials, from recycled resins and additives to machines, with the same quality and reliability that made Valgroup one of the world’s largest producers, processors and recyclers in the world.


“Valgroup has grown exponentially and its history is based on the principles of sustainable economic development. Unifying the brands will further potentialize our resources, our productive and recycling capacity, as well as contribute to reaching our sustainability goals, such as neutralizing greenhouse gas emissions” explains Eduardo Berkovitz, director of Institutional Relations and Compliance at Valgroup.


We have more than 5,000 employees and 36 plants in 5 countries operating in complete synchrony, under the same name, with the same goals and guided by the same values of:



We will lead the transformation of the plastic market towards sustainability.


Respect in relationships

With employees, customers and suppliers.



We will always be in a relentless search for innovation of products, processes, technology and services.



We are great because we are simple, and that is how we will continue to grow.


Dedication to our people

We seek the satisfaction, development, and engagement of our employees.



To meet the needs of our clients and adapt to changes in an agile manner.


Sense of belonging

Here everyone is an essential part of our company and a fundamental part of our purpose.


Valgroup is stronger and prepared to listen, understand and meet the challenges of companies of various sizes, with a complete and innovative portfolio.


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